Poem 2.0

(Same introduction used for my other poems Okay, so I sometimes write stuff down I guess would be categorized as poetry. Usually it’s in Danish though, but I thought I’d try to translate some of it and post it online. I figured this would be a good base for it. I’ve never had anyone look at anything I’ve written before, so I’m not saying this is quality poetry, I’m just saying that I wanted to post it.
I also figured that I wouldn’t add any context to any of it, simply to let my words stand alone, open for interpretation. None of my writings have titles.)


Strings of Violin
You break for me, explode

You talk to me
You scream

Scream for help

Strings of Violin
You sing for me, an ode

You talk to me
You sigh

Sigh of relief

Strings of Violin
I miss you

Your sound is eternal
But you disappear

Strings of Violin
You paint for me
You paint

An imagery of sound
You make me fly