Those kind of days

Dear World.

I need you to grow. I need your people to heal.

I’m sick and tired of all this hate and neglect everywhere.

We’re ruining this world. Ruining something we should be praising. Claiming earth that never belonged to us and destroying it while we try to keep everyone else away.

We’re ruining each other as well. Demographics fighting. Demographics trying to push each other down into the soil we so desperately want to be ours.

Why do we feel like we have the right to say “this is our land” about anywhere. Why are nations so strictly divided by borders and borders strictly controlled by people who are just told what to do?

I don’t think we can end war, no. And I think we’ve already destroyed the Earth too much to be able to save anything. We can’t even save ourselves, can we?

But I dream of a future, where everything isn’t about “what’s ours and what’s theirs”.



I dream of…

  • Traveling the world
  • Isolating myself far away for a while sometime
  • Doing something that can actually be considered important
  • Living in a world where I won’t have to be ashamed to be Danish
  • Getting a puppy (small dreams are important as well folks!)
  • A world where the word “feminist” isn’t an insult
  • Being on a film set
  • Riding a horse somewhere pretty. I demand beaches and sunset. Or mountains.


  • That time when I’m gonna be comfortable enough in my own skin to be 100% myself in front of other people.