Book vs Film

I’m beginning to re-read Life of Pi and I don’t even understand how I could forget how much I love that book. I think, when I’m done, that I’ll watch the movie again. I saw it in the theater when it came out and I loved it as much as the book.

Actually I just want to talk about the whole “the book is way better than the movie debate. Not necessarily about Life of Pi, but in general. I really hate the phrase even though I sometimes use it myself.

Should books and movies even be compared? I saw the Harry Potter movies before I read the books. Loved the movies. Then I talked to a friend of mine who just saw the movies recently (and who has read the books twice, as a child and recently). She said they were shit compared to the books and I just stood there and wondered if I felt the same.

Yes. The books have way more narrative volume. Obviously, I mean.. It’s a book. There’s always tons and tons of amazing details and sideplots in a book, which you can’t fit into a movie (Unless you want to make a complete 12 hour movie per book and no one has time and money for that).

Sometimes it really annoys me. Why can’t a movie be good just because it doesn’t “stick to the book.” I’ve rarely heard people complain when they’ve seen a play based on a novel. For some reason a director is allowed to interpret and creative their own story when it’s on a scene, but on a film set it’s almost illegal. Why?

Of course movies can sometimes turn out shitty, but usually they would have been bad whether they were based on a book or not.

I guess this was just a rant. Sorry.


Probably spoilers or whatever (Skins UK)

Admitted. I’ve sold my soul to Netflix.

Every once in a while I start up on another show and then I get emotionally invested, no matter how bad it may be. Right now I’m on the last few episodes of Skins UK and this. series. destroyed me.

If you haven’t watched it I don’t think this blog entry will be any interesting at all. If you have… well… Maybe it won’t be interesting either, but I have to vent somewhere!

Every generation of the series I obviously had my favorites. Isn’t that the point of it all?

The thing with Skins just is, that basically everyone is messed up. You find your favorite and 10/10 they will be messed up at some point with very few exceptions and it gets worse with every generation (at least that’s how I felt).

In the first generation I identified so much with Sid as I know the feeling of being the one friend that always have to do stuff for the others. But then at times he was kind of an idiot and I got mad at him. I liked Cassie as well, but through the second season (or vol.2) the went mad and I actually got a bit scared of her. I didn’t like Tony at all in the first season, but then I kinda forgave him in the second.

I was mad that Maxxie and Anwar didn’t have more screentime, but that might just be because I liked that they weren’t all messed up. I mean.. Jal and Chris were okay, but they obviously had their problems (and I could never get over Chris’ peeing-scene) and I grew tired of Michelle very quickly (probably Tony’s fault though).

Then in the second generation I instantly fell in love with Freddie, but that might just have something to do with Luke Pasqualino. I have to love every character he’s ever played and I think it’s an actual disease, I just can’t help it. Well, actually I liked Cook as well although it was pretty clear from the start, that something would happen to him. I loved JJ all the way through, although it annoyed me that he often came off as a bit dumb even though I’m quite sure he never were. I really liked Naomi for some reason, I still can’t say why because I often hated her as well. Doesn’t make any sense.

I didn’t like the twins, but I found Emily more relatable than Katie. But I was deadly mad at both of them at several points in the seasons.

Thomas was actually one of my favorites, but I’m sad that he didn’t get more time on screen. I never really cared for Pandora, although I actually liked that she wasn’t as cheeky and messed up as many of the others.

I wanted to hate Effy, but it wasn’t possible for me. I think Effy got to that part of me who just wanted the world to look after her, so I was quite irrational in my judgement of her.

The ending left me angry though. And it took me ages to get back to the series.

I needed time to get used to the third generation, but eventually I started to be invested. I always wanted Matty to be good and I was almost crying when I realized that he actually was kind of crazy. I liked Franky in the start, but then I started hating her for some reason. I’m still not sure why because it started before she started getting messed up. I never liked Alo for some reason and just as I started liking Richie something happened that made me kind of “meh” about him as well.

I was always mad at Mini and Liv also pissed me off at several points. I didn’t like how Nick ended up and I always found Grace a bit empty for some reason. I also wish that Alex would have been introduced earlier, so that he would actually be part of the group instead of just a subplot to Liv.

Wow, it sounded like I hated the third generation. I really didn’t. I just think all the characters were too broken maybe? I don’t know.

But I like the fact that things get more and more messed up for every generation.

I just finished Effys episodes in the last season and I gotta say that I kinda liked the way it ended even though I was crying my brain out.