Change of music

In these days I’m part of the orchestra for a musical my local music school is doing. It’s awesome. I don’t really know anyone as I’m not part of the music school anymore, but it’s funny and they’re all kind and stuff!

It’s a version of High School Musical, so that’s just another point and I absolutely love it!

It’s the fifth time I’m doing this and this is the year with the smallest band! I like having a bigger orchestra around me, but now we have so much space in the orchestra pit that I won’t complain at all.

I’m playing the saxophone (alto to be specific). It’s my main instrument and also the instrument I’ve been playing every time I’ve been doing this. My first year I also had some parts on keys, but I actually prefer sticking to just the sax.

Music is an interest I’ve always had. I’ve been playing music since I could walk and I’ve been playing the saxophone since I was 12 (I think.. Maybe 11, maybe 13). I don’t play as much now as I did before, but it’s not because my interest is lacking. Lately I’ve been playing the piano a lot more and that means I’ve also been singing a lot more than I did earlier. I started singing again after discovering Arnór Dan. Well, actually I discovered Ólafur Arnalds and he’s made som tracks with Arnór that I really enjoy. I’d recommend his instrumental work as well though!

But there was something about Arnór’s voice that made me want to sing again. Not that I haven’t been singing at all. In high school I actually sang quite a lot, but not like this. I’ve been wanting to experiment and find out what my voice can do.

But I still have my saxophone and I still love holding it in my hands and I love playing it.


Author: LindforLind

Hi out there! My name's not actually Lind, but it's what I like to call myself sometimes and some people know me by that name. I'm a (hopefully not so basic) basic white girl from this small Scandinavian country called Denmark. I have a lot of things on my mind all the time, so I thought it was time to share some of it.

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