All the pets!

Okay. So I like animals. I love animals. At least most of them. So I thought I’d write a bit about the pets I’ve had when I was a kid. Now I have two cats, but I won’t be writing about them.

I grew up with two dogs. The oldest was Tjalfe and I’ve always suspected she was at least half sheep or something. She was a mix of pretty much every dog in the world, I guess and she was the most adorable, lazy, loyal dog with long grey fur and light brown eyes (most of the time you couldn’t see her eyes because of her fur though). My parents had Tjalfe before I was born and my dad had given her the name. Tjalfe is actually a boys name, but my dad always said that when he saw her he was sure she couldn’t be called anything else.

The other dog was Freja and she was one of Tjalfe’s pups. Her dad was a purebred Field Trial and she looked a lot like him. People often thought she was actually purebred. She was very active and actually a quite good hunter (which wasn’t exactly good as I grew up on the countryside and she actually brought half dead birds home). She was scared of loud noises though so every time hunters were in the area or around New Year’s she always hid beneath my bed or in the shower cabin…. Funny thing was that she hated being washed so normally you couldn’t lure her to the bathroom.

I also had a turtle at some point. A tiny pond turtle I kept in a terrarium. I got it from my cousin, so of course I named it after him (I wasn’t very creative with names back then). I don’t really remember much about the turtle and I have no idea how old I was.

I also had an imaginary fox. I guess normal imaginary friends were too mainstream. I named it after one of my brothers friends (again, not creative with the names)… It was a cheeky fox and every time I did something bad I always blamed him. Such a troublemaker.

Obviously we also had some cats every now and then. They couldn’t stay inside because my dad is allergic and they were really just meant to stay outside and catch mice anyway. But most of them has been tame ones and I always gave them all kinds of names (usually names after other things though). There was Laban, Labina, Labina 2. And then Simba, Johanne, Mowgli, Judas and Møf(named after the initials of one of my friends).

So I guess that’s it. We had fish at some point but I didn’t name those. I don’t even know what kind of fish they were, but they were cool. I think. I wasn’t very old.


Author: LindforLind

Hi out there! My name's not actually Lind, but it's what I like to call myself sometimes and some people know me by that name. I'm a (hopefully not so basic) basic white girl from this small Scandinavian country called Denmark. I have a lot of things on my mind all the time, so I thought it was time to share some of it.

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