Why isn’t it warm yet?

I could complain about our seasons for years. Really. Now it’s spring so I don’t want to hide under a blanket anymore.

I mean… It’s quite cozy and I like sitting all rolled up in the blanket, drinking hot chocolate and looking at a fireplace. But that’s a winter thing. Now I just want to sit out in the sun.

And the weather has even been amazing. The sun had been shining and now when flowers are starting to bloom it’s just so pretty outside. But it’s still terribly cold so I don’t want to be outside.

So today I told my dad that I’d rather sit inside because then the weather seemed even better. I could see how good it was, but not feel how cold it also was. Or is.. It’s actually still quite good, but not as good as it was in the morning.

I’ve also been cold every day when I’ve woken up. This morning my iPad was close to my bed, so I could reach it and start up Netflix without having to get out of bed. Problem is that at some point I got hungry and then I had to get up. It took a couple of hours before I felt up for actually doing anything and then I just gave up.

So I guess I’ll just keep watching Netflix for the rest of the day. Not that it’s really a thing to complain about.


Author: LindforLind

Hi out there! My name's not actually Lind, but it's what I like to call myself sometimes and some people know me by that name. I'm a (hopefully not so basic) basic white girl from this small Scandinavian country called Denmark. I have a lot of things on my mind all the time, so I thought it was time to share some of it.

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